Deloitte´s annual back-to-school survey looking at consumers’ spending patterns (in the US) for 2020 is quite different from previous ones. The major impact on this has been the choice of channel and also costs involved, “about half of consumers feel safe going to the store, and over one-third of parents are concerned about making upcoming financial payments”. Many people have been impacted financially, leading to reduced budgets and being forced to turn to E-commerce suppliers for their needs. Among the Key Findings were a “Concern that students falling behind causing 51% of parents to increase spend on virtual learning tools” and “Technology spending up 28%”. This implies that families are moving spend from apparel to technology. These trends will help ensure that a digital education is as effective as possible. When this is added to local and central government and NGO projects it creates the right infrastructure to learn. When combined with our software it can ensure protection from inappropriate content and also allow teachers to manage a classroom easily, whether online or face to face, and at the same time involve parents in the managing of access to content from devices outside of school hours.