While the pandemic has affected every level of student classes, the situation for those finishing school and applying for university places has probably been the one most impacted. This article from Time magazine recounts some of the tales of the unfortunate students in the US and their plight. The situation and uproar around social justice and racism has also had an impact and has just added to the woes and worries of teenagers, some of whom have lost members of their own families or friends to Covid. When this is added to the financial pressures on students and their parents many are questioning the motivation and value of the sacrifices that will have to be made. While this situation in the US is better than most other countries in the world as a fallout from the pandemic it does little to boost the future chances of the ethnic minority youngsters, the poor and underprivileged. They need the opportunities offered by a college degree to further their own possibilities and redress some of the imbalances in the professional workplace that the current administration is trying to push for.