In the developed world we have become used to the benefits that internet access provides and the relative ease of being able to continue education from home while schools in most parts of the world have been closed since March. However, according to the UNICEF-ITU report “How Many Children and Youth Have Internet Access at Home” some two-thirds of the world’s school-aged children – 1.3 billion children – aged between 3-17 do not have an internet connection at home. This prevents them from learning and acquiring skills that they will need in the job market. Henrietta Fore, the UNICEF Executive Director referred to this as “more than a digital gap – it is a digital canyon..(and) lack of internet access is costing the next generation their futures”. Houlin Zhao, International Telecommunication Union Secretary-General, pointed out that “Large parts of rural areas are not covered with a mobile-broadband network, and fewer rural households have access to the internet”. At Escudo Web we have developed a solution to enable these areas to still have the benefits of a digital education with a relatively modest investment without the need for internet. “Learning Everywhere” is our solution to help redress this.