Covid-19 has increased the importance – even necessity –  of having technology in education. However, this does come at some cost. Both local and national governments have been scrambling to buy hardware to provide to children (causing a massive backlog in the supply chain) but are only focusing on the device and not the software to protect them. Parents equally now approve of their children having a mobile phone, as it increases the possibility of communicating with them and ensuring that they are safe. However, Save the Children published a report in Spain on 22nd September 2020, suggesting that 7 out of 10 adolescents have access to pornography and some of these are as young as 7 to 9 years old. In the main this consumption is from their mobile phones. We need to protect them from inappropriate content which can be done remotely with the Blabloo smartphone in Europe and Geniora phone in Asia. Once linked the parental app can limit or prevent access to the browser and with Geniora can create white and black lists of internet pages as well as block words in pages. There are now calls for legislation to protect children, but we can make this easier by using the technology available today.