A recent Forbes article celebrating World Teachers´Day highlighted the exceptional work done by teachers in this most difficult of times and the lengths that they have had to go through to ensure that children continue to learn. But with an ever decreasing line of young people wanting to join the profession and salaries that for decades have failed to recognise how crucial teaching is to any nation and the future of its economy and businesses. Currently, on top of the lack of appreciation, teachers also “have to deal with the very real threat of getting sick with COVID-19, learning new digital technologies, fending off Zoom interruptions, and juggling in-person/online classes”. Teachers have very specific roles and yet have at the moment have to juggle multiple secondary responsibilities such as “Caretaker….Technology Troubleshooter….Nurse….Mediator….Arbitrator….Punching Bag for ungrateful or unrealistic parents….and more”. Politicians need to reassess their budgets and allocate funds where these can bring about change for the future, an increase in students studying to a higher level or taking on apprenticeships and gaining real.-world skills that can improve people’s condition and make the world a better place.