Much has been written in the press about the effect of the pandemic on children (and occasionally their parents) but little thus far on teachers themselves. Quizlet, a digital learning platform, surveyed 1,200 teachers and it seems from the responses that they have been as affected by the last twelve months as all other areas of the education system, with, according to an article in Edtechnology, some 85% saying that having to deliver lessons remotely left them anxious or overwhelmed. Some 35% said that they “feel less passionate about their vocation than they did before the pandemic struck”, and 66% reporting a “rise in occupational stress levels”. Comments about resources also crept in with 37% of teachers from state schools saying that they did not have proper resources to teach during lockdown (vs 26% teaching at private schools). While much has been commented on mental health 88% of teachers said the proposal of extending the school year or the school day would affect the mental health of teachers, and 75% said it would also impact students. Clearly teachers and their wellbeing need to be in the frame for any support and decisions on remedial action going forward.