Schools in some geographies have already started a new version of schooling, based on in-class as well as online. This hybrid form is set to become commonplace across the world. This article from Time magazine highlights some of the concerns and practical considerations that parents will have to face in the coming weeks. “as the pandemic continues its rampant spread, children’s education is shaping up to be yet another avoidable tragedy of America’s dismal response. Without in-person schooling, the economy will remain stalled, families will lack crucial support, kids will fall further behind, and inequality will deepen”. This situation is compounded by President Trump’s threat that schools reopen, or risk losing funds. The security and health measures will put extra strain on tight budgets, so there is only one way forward, despite concerns and misgivings from parents. The Economist reported that in the US, “many private schools have attracted attention by promising to open full-time in the autumn semester, whereas public schools in the same districts are planning to open only part-time or online until at least the new year.” Now there is both political as well as economic pressure. Escudo Web education software solutions help make classes – online as well as in-school – as effective as possible for teachers to manage and as safe as possible for students, ensuring that they are not exposed to inappropriate content. The Autumn term is going to be hard. Let’s make it that little bit easier.