Schools having been forced into delivering remote education has not been an easy lesson. The experience has been a mixed one, with some schools doing well and others not so well. Needed now is a period of reflection to take stock and prepare for what will no doubt follow, according to most forecasts, with a hybrid schooling scenario of home and in-school learning. In this article by Education Technology (@edtechnology), by Prof Neil Selwyn, a number of questions are posed, including one critical one that governments need to grapple with “What additional infrastructure (digital and non-digital) needs to be put in place – both in schools, and in the homes of students and their teachers?”. Without this key building block in place the life of both parents and teachers is made much more difficult. We have the summer to try and address this and other challenges and recuperate after this big learning curve. Let us hope that safety and security of children is also at the top of the agenda. Escudo Web will be reminding schools and governments of this duty.