For the last nine months teachers have been forced to use technology in order to continue some semblance of delivering an education. At this stage, having got used to using available tools it is worth reviewing exactly what benefits technology brings to education. This article sums it up very well. Firstly, it improves engagement (making learning more fun and enjoyable including gamification). It improves knowledge retention, (encouraging active participation). Technology encourages individual learning (making it more effective for all, especially those with learning needs). It encourages collaboration (both in class and virtually) and students can learn useful life skills through technology (as it develops problem solving skills, critical thinking, different types of communication as well as presentation and leadership skills). While not always obvious there are also benefits for teachers who can use different apps or resources to enhance their usual way of teaching. There are tools to help with virtual lesson plans, grading software (though these do need to be programmed properly and teachers trained before utilising them) and online assessments can help make teachers more productive and save them a lot of time.