There have been calls by experts for a different approach to extending school time into the summer. In the UK there are now calls on the government to offer a “summer of play” in order to help children recover from lockdown and the stresses and strains of the Covid pandemic. The proposal would be to get children outside and to engage them in physical activities that have been lacking for nearly a year. According to the Guardian article “Psychologists have reported behavioural changes in some children following the first lockdown last year…(and)…some struggled to share and play together, teachers reported more fights and fallings-out. This new approach addresses the mental health issues triggered by remote schooling and isolation from extended family and friends. The proponents for this activity (PlayFirst UK) suggest that the initial plan for summer catch-up classes “could end up worsening children’s mental health and wellbeing, and have a negative effect on learning in the long term”. A big decision for the government to make is whether to let the children play or catch-up lessons and subjects. Whichever is chosen there will be criticism.