Brexit will affect business and logistics between the UK and the EU, but the impact will go beyond this. Lockdown and the pandemic has led to an increase in children’s exposure to online harm, and sexual exploitation. One issue, expounded by the Independent, is that a not-so-obvious side effect of Brexit will be that “Millions of children could be at even greater risk of online exploitation and abuse unless the government steps in to replace “vital” funding after Brexit, police, charities and teaching unions are warning”. Half the funding of the UK Safer Internet Centre, some £1.3m, comes from the EU. The UK government has yet to confirm whether they will fill this shortfall of funding. With a record number of calls to the organisation´s hotline it is crucial that schools are supported to educate and protect pupils on these crucial safety matters to help reduce the growing number of threats they face online each day. Escudo Web has school software solutions to help limit this exposure and block access to certain websites as well as a phone that parents can manage remotely, similarly blocking access to inappropriate content and Social Media as well as chat apps, a common source of grooming and bullying.