One of the issues associated with the first lockdown around the world was not only the closing of schools and the shift to some form of remote learning, but, often not associated with this, was the issue of lack of fitness activities for children. More so, in some countries (Spain included) until the early summer, children were not allowed to do any outdoor activity, with perhaps not so obvious effects on mental health. Once again children are being forced back into this space, and in the UK back in spring 2020, Sport England reported that “less than 20% of children were taking part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day”. Given the colder weather and shorter days this is made even more difficult. For the sake of their health and wellbeing children need “physical, social and emotional development”, so this is another challenge for governments around the world to tackle before there are any longer-term effects. Unesco has a role in pushing governments and making them aware of the challenge, but with so many other challenges in the world today, sadly this might just go unaddressed.