Lockdown across the world has hit people in different ways, depending on their age, and many other social factors. However, frequently the toll has been on mental health. Children, with their limited experience of life, were particularly badly affected, with those at Primary School age affected the worst. This article from The Telegraph reported on a study by Oxford University that concluded that “The emotional difficulties experienced by primary school pupils during the first lockdown began to improve from the end of July and grew “steadily better” when children returned to school in September”. Schools are an important element of maintaining a good state of mental health, as Prof Gordon Harold, of Cambridge University commented “Schools provide an immensely important forum for children and young people and are an essential component of society’s infrastructure in promoting positive mental health, providing support and resources…and protecting young people and society from poor mental health outcomes and adverse impacts on long-term life chances.” The more we, as a society, can do to ensure that schools remain open, the better we can preserve this fragile state of mental health in young children and protect their future.