Before the pandemic the education sector was one suffering from underfunding, over- stretched teachers and in many cases, one criticised as not relevant to the modern world and the work environment in the 21st Century. Covid-19 is forcing a reflection on the sector (and many of its current challenges) as well as a change in delivery format, which will continue in the short-term, and possibly even longer. But having to teach in a blended or hybrid format (face-to-face as well as online) is not an easy one to take onboard for students or teachers, especially when for the latter there was little preparation or explanation of “how to”. Inevitably the effect has been to increase further the workload – which in a survey carried out by EdQuarter 58% of teachers who responded, were experiencing. Similarly 50% of students were also experiencing more work. Having access to suitable equipment is fundamental in order to make this new way of learning work. The report concludes “it’s crucial that government and leadership invest in the best possible tools, devices and solutions”. The onus now is on ensuring that students and schools have what they need. At Escudo Web we have the software tools to ensure that the hardware works and is used correctly, and that children learn in a safe and secure environment.