Home schooling for many has been difficult, and certainly added much more pressure on parents to support their children as well as policing school hours and internet access, and ensuring that activities, such as home work, was being completed. But very occasionally one finds children (and parents) who are not egging for a return to school (and normality). An exception to this is, according to the BBC, that 806 children were removed from school registers by parents in Wales between March and September 2020, an increase of 50% versus 2019. Some of this increase was from families wanting to avoid possible problems with Covid but for others it was more a case that their children were actually flourishing more than they were at school itself. This sort of story does support the theory of freedom of choice for parents to choose the best form of learning for their children. While there are many challenges, not least the loss of camaraderie with other children and dealing with an education system still fraught with imperfections, for some it is the best way to learn. For these cases governments should support families.