Education, like most other sectors, has undergone in many countries a digital transformation in the last two years – and a much needed one. This article in Education Technology confirms that many institutions now rely on e-learning and the internet as a part of the new normal. But as a result of this change there has to be “stricter regulations of internet usage in educational establishments”. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is trying to ensure that students and teachers remain safe yet have a good experience. It is fundamental to protect children especially from inappropriate content that might include obscene pictures or even child pornography. Solutions need to go beyond firewalls and include monitoring tools, tracking searches, filtering, blocking and where possible limit time for this usage, but respect access according to different ages. At Escudo Web we have one of the most advanced and easy to use filtering systems that resides in the browser and can be installed across thousands of devices in minutes. The latest version also now works in schools with hybrid platforms that use Windows and Chromebooks and Android tablets for different age groups. Ask us how. 

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