A recent study – “The impact of screens on daily life during confinement” – backed by the EU, carried out by www.empantallados.com/GAD3 revealed that 50% of parents had bought a device during confinement to help with online classes. The report gave an x-ray view of the impact of technology in homes in Spain, where 75% recognised that buying a laptop/chromebook/tablet was an opportunity to entertain their child, and allowed parents to get on with their own work. While understandable as a motive, it allowed children to be unsupervised, and permitted access to inappropriate content. Parents recognised that there were dangers: dealing with strangers, access to unsuitable content and cyberbullying were worrying. Most concern was the effect on the child’s vision (due to blue light) and insomnia: basically by-products of addiction to technology. A lot of these issues can be managed by the usage of the right tools. At Escudo Web we believe very strongly that technology is crucial in education today but that this needs to be administered appropriately: using a browser filter, management of app access and remote freezing of the screen of a device. We have tried and tested solutions to address all of these, and more.