The Coronavirus Act in the UK has given Ministers new powers to ensure schools offer pupils who are not in school the same lessons as those in class. As parts of the country move into their second phase of lockdown the government claims that it is “formalising pupils’ rights to remote learning”. But rather than support teachers with tools and equipment and further training they are using a stick to threaten, which is never a good way to start a new conversation, especially with a group who have done so much to uphold the continued education ethos when schools were closed up and down the country. The guidance seeks to provide “assurances to both pupils and parents that if pupils have to self-isolate at home their education will not be disrupted”. We sincerely hope that other governments do not go down this route without first providing the required support and funds to make this happen. Education is a priority to maintain, but teachers need to have the tools to be able to deliver this effectively.