We are very pleased to be back at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) once again, after a gap of well over a year. There is no substitute for real live person to person engagement and it has been a real pleasure to talk about the Blabloo phone: a kid´s first smartphone. The quality of the conversations that we have been having over the last few days has been extremely encouraging and everyone we have talked to has recognised the need to allow children to have a communication device (smartphone) but at the same time as responsible adults we should not be giving them a pandora´s box, enabling them to access all sorts of inappropriate content. Tech addiction has grown exponentially in the last sixteen months, and children´s well-being has been compromised, through no fault of their own. Teaching children how to use technology responsibly has got to be good for children and for society. Our concept of Digital Parental Interaction seeks to involve parents in a healthy communication with their children about the usage of mobile phones so that they can grow up as responsible adults knowing how to use technology to their advantage and not become addicted: these two concepts can be mutually exclusive. If you are attending the MWC please come and meet with us for a chat at Stand 1L18.