Given that teachers were pushed into the uncomfortable situation of having to learn how to deliver online classes, in most cases with no prior experience, now is a good time to reflect and plan for whatever the future will hold for education. Bett published this article giving 12 recommendations as to how best to deliver these. The pointers and suggestions will ensure that you don´t forget certain items, and are based on much experience. We would probably add one further suggestion: using our All in One Classroom Manager, for Windows, Chromebook orAndroid environments, allowing the teacher to see a thumbnail of each student´s device and ensure that they are on-task, as well as share files, URLs and, with its built-in filter, ensure that children do not access inappropriate content, but can learn in a safe and secure environment: this works equally well remotely as well as face-to-face. For the end of the school day we have built in “Digital Parental Interaction” enabling the parent to manage the filter on the device and, when appropriate, to freeze the screen of the device and in this way help avoid technology addiction and bring the child back to the reality of a family.