The global pandemic has hit some countries more than others. Among the worst hit has been India with nearly all schools closed since the start in early 2020. The impact that this has on children cannot be overstated, in India in particular, as is the case in the whole world, education is the pathway to a better future. This New York Times article reviews the situation pointing out that “it is looking more like a lost generation, crushing the middle-class dreams of families looking for better opportunities for their children”. Sadly Covid has widened all inequalities, though to a more exaggerated extent than in the US and other western countries. The damage will inevitably be a lag on the Indian economy, with the World Bank estimating that India will lose some $440 billion in future earnings potential as a result of this situation, and according to UNICEF it has affected 247 million children. Education needs to be a priority for every country to avoid a shrinking economy and a generation of talent lost to low paid work.

#education #inequality