Edtech has revolutionised teaching as well as learning for the last two decades, with huge advances made in the last few years as AI and gamification have been added to the variety of learning tools. The pandemic has inevitably proved the value of Edtech – without which schools would have been unable to deliver classes and continue education. Even schools in the remote villages of Nicaragua (in a project that we were involved in) now benefit from tablets and digital content and improved learning and student engagement and all of this without even having internet, thanks to our Learning Everywhere solution. But according to this article in Edexec there are some clear downsides, “Whilst edtech brings many positives, the impact it has on emotional wellbeing must be noted…90% of school leaders reported an increased number of students experiencing anxiety or stress in the last five years”. What the sector needs to manage is the damage to children of over exposure to tech – creating addiction – as well as access to inappropriate content. At Escudo Web all of our solutions help bring security and digital well-being where needed, both in the classroom, as well as home.