We are living in a moment of heightened awareness about climate change but with still so few measures in place to tackle this or only plans that will take years to have any real impact. Our education system needs to reflect the urgency and inspire the young. For this reason UNESCO has launched an educational campaign “Learn for our planet”. This initiative seeks to call “on the world to invest in education for sustainable development and ensure that it is embedded in learning systems globally”. The Education for Sustainable Development campaign is a global framework with the goal of addressing unsustainable practices in the realm of the environment, society and the economy in order to transform our society through education. The programme seeks to “equip and empower learners with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to act for the planet and address the global challenges we face”. Encouraging young people to be responsible actors who can contribute to creating a sustainable world is a major step to correct past policies and actions that have led to the dire situation that the planet is currently suffering.