Lockdown during the pandemic was a very difficult time for most people, but none more so than children. For many who had to stay at home their situation was probably worse than if they were allowed to go to school – even taking into account the risk of the pandemic. As recounted recently  in the New York Times, the incidence reported in a US survey of high school students showed who had persistent feelings of sadness was at 44.2% and those reporting an attempt at suicide stood at 9%. Of more concern was that 55.1% of these teenagers said that “they suffered emotional abuse from a parent or another adult in their house in the preceding year, and 11.3% saying they suffered physical abuse”. When compared to figures from 2013 which showed parental abuse much lower, with 13.9% aged 14 to 17 reporting emotional abuse in 2012, and “5.5% reporting physical abuse”, this alarming situation can be seen in perspective. While these figures are for the US the situation is similar in all countries. Schools have a crucial role to play and must be a safe haven for children with mental health issues.

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