As we move out of lockdown into some form of a normality McKinsey have come up with five key steps, coined as five Rs to move beyond Coronavirus. These go some way to planning and preparing issues and challenges and ensuring that fears are assuaged: 

  • Resolve focuses on the immediate health threat that COVID-19 poses to students, teachers, staff, and the community. 
  • Resilience: educators address near-term challenges, such as setting up remote learning and supporting vulnerable students. 
  • Return is about reopening schools and ensuring remediation for lost learning. 
  • Reimagine: leaders think what the “next normal” could be like, and how education systems could re-invent themselves. 
  • Reform: educators reconsider education priorities in light of lessons learned. 

At Escudo Web our educational software solutions can help with these challenges ensuring that education can be safe and secure both in the school as well as with remote working.