On 12th June 2020 McKinsey published a new article on the ever-present subject of the impact on learning of educational technology. Based on the PISA data report, published every 3 years, the OECD tests globally 15-year-olds on maths, reading, and science, going “beyond the numbers” by asking students, principals, teachers, parents about attitudes, behaviours, and resources. This sought to gauge “whether education technology should play a greater role in student learning beyond the immediate crisis and what that might look like”. The answer is perhaps not as clear cut as data scientists would like, as there are a number of criteria which affect the outcome and matter: the type of device, geography, who is using the technology, intensity, and the school system´s current performance level. The conclusion is that to be effective technology must be used correctly, matched to the instructional environment and context, and a learning curve at both the system and student levels. The Escudo Web educational software solutions can be a most valid tool in ensuring that the maximum benefit is gained from technology investments.