Parents and policy makers will be relieved to know that schools have had a very limited role in spreading coronavirus. An article in the FT, quoting studies from Germany and Norway, suggest that if schools were to close there would be a limited effect on curbing the virus. This will assuage those who want to avoid students falling behind and limiting their parents´ ability to work. It is also a relief to school leaders who have been struggling with pressures caused by quarantined staff and students. The FT reported that “Official figures on Tuesday showed 46% of English secondary schools had at least one pupil isolating because of potential contact with a coronavirus case in the classroom”. This coincides with an analysis by the Institute of Labour Economics which “found the number of new cases in the country had not increased when schools were reopened following the summer breaks”. This report showed that between 0.04 -0.07% of pupils had become infected since term started. This is attributed to “strict hygiene measures, including mask wearing, teaching in small fixed groups and rapid testing and quarantining of classes where a student or teacher had tested positive”. These efforts must continue for the sake of education.