When a parent buys a digital device for a child there are two thoughts that probably go through their mind: this will be a great learning tool, but also how am I going to be able to protect my child and help them see the good, but not the bad and the ugly side of the web? This article in “Raising Teens” highlights that “parents can´t rely solely on social media platforms to implement the appropriate controls to protect their kids from cyberbullying, cyber predators, cyber stalkers, targeted advertising, scams, misinformation, hoaxes, and identity theft”. Some companies are trying to protect children from potentially harmful content “but the onus is on parents and caregivers to teach their children how to navigate the online world and how to spot dangers”. Escudo Web´s “Digital Parental Interaction” concept that is incorporated into our solutions encourages communication around usage and the built-in filter shields children from inappropriate content.