There have been numerous proposals the world-over for ways to try and recuperate some of the lost time over the past year due to schools being closed. The Biden administration in the US has come up with a logical plan and are prepared to put billions of dollars into this scheme. According to the NYTimes the idea is simply to extend the school year further into the summer. The theory being that more people (teachers and students) will be vaccinated, transmissions rates should be lower and weather will also be much better supporting being outside or at least in well-aired rooms. This will “help students make up for some of the learning they lost during a year of mostly remote school”. With an intention to get approval for up to $29 billion to pay for this the plan is certainly ambitious and would be a part of a stimulus package that would for summer schools and tutoring. Sadly the plan has many hurdles to jump before it can become reality – least of all getting teachers to agree to teach during this period. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is that all parties (teachers and students) do need a break at some stage for their own mental health state.