In all industries there is always a level of churn of professionals leaving the sector and going elsewhere. However, as this Wall Street Journal article argues, the situation in the education sector (at least in the US) is one where those workers who had to make a supreme effort – apart from health workers – also ended up more burned out and disappointed with a system that increased drastically their workload with little thanks or respite and whose roles had been converted from that of a teacher into being a psychologist, nurse, police officer, and much more besides. The skills acquired in teaching have proven of great interest to other employment areas such as IT services and consulting, hospitals and software development.With more than 1.3m teachers in the public and private sector leaving with in-demand skills such as the “ability to absorb and transmit information quickly, manage stress and multitask” which are skills in high-demand in all parts of the economy. The situation is probably similar in other western countries although with more rigid job prospects outside of the US. One can only hope that there is not an excessive brain drain of talented teachers, who are the future of the young. 

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