As the possibility and proximity of vaccinations draws nearer we should perhaps take a step back and reassess the priority list. In the second phase of roll-out the list of important groups must include teachers. As this article in the Telegraph points out, “Ministers have faced repeated calls from teacher unions, education chiefs and Tory MPs to give teachers priority treatment for the vaccine”. This makes complete sense as while children in schools had a low level of transmission, teachers and other school staff are constantly being exposed to children who frequently have no or few symptoms, but who potentially are carriers of the virus. Robert Halfon MP, the chair of the education select committee, has been making this case, “Surely teachers and support staff must be made a priority alongside Health workers for vaccination…but my view is that children – educating our children – is the most important thing we can do.” This is a good sign that the role of teachers is being recognised in its importance for the economy, as well adding a degree of normality and stability to lives that have lived through a lot of disruption. The alternative to having schools open is not good: let´s make it happen.