As parents our roles have changed from taxi driver to and from school for most of us, to chief of internet police, cheerleader and tech support. Teachers’ roles now have also added psychologist to their long list of responsibilities. But Head Teachers are now being given a further, unnecessary role: Head Track & Tracer. While qualified to cover most of their other tasks this is one too many. With established protocols in place whereby in the event of a case of Covid-19 families have to be informed about group members in that bubble and telling them to self-isolate, this responsibility has fallen to Head Teachers. Frequently these calls take some time, in order to explain to parents the ramifications of self-isolation. THis means that the job of running the school, a difficult enough task at present, is forced to a secondary level. Let’s hope that the incidence of cases remains low and that schools and their staff can focus on the task of educating our children and ensuring that they learn as effectively as possible as well as remain safe and secure.