The Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, made an important speech last month, reminding us that we have had “largest disruption of education in history” and yet that it is probably the single most important challenge that we have today. Education is “the key to personal development and the future of societies. It unlocks opportunities and narrows inequalities”. The world is already burdened with terrible injustice, racism and a lack of opportunities, except for the privileged few. Through a sustained, balanced, and egalitarian system of education these barriers can be broken down. The launch of a new Policy Brief “Save our Future“ attempts to bring attention by governments on four key areas to focus on. One of the most important of these is “we need investment in digital literacy and infrastructure…we need to draw on flexible delivery methods, digital technologies and modernized curricula”. At Escudo Web we offer solutions to ensure effectiveness of classes and the protection of children while online based remotely or physically in school, and one for remote areas with no internet infrastructure, giving developing countries the opportunity to provide a digital education at a much lower cost and all of these introducing the concept of Digital Parental Interaction into the mix.