An American teacher Emma Pass (@emmabpass)  has taken the trouble to document and share all her experiences, based on teaching a hugely diverse group of students from different backgrounds and with diverging incomes, but using technology to help build a bridge between all of these children. In particular she has raced to complete a book all about her experience of working in a hybrid learning environment. Her experience was boosted with the fact that her school received a grant to make the one-child one-device policy a reality. She is now sharing her insights with those who might not be so familiar with technology and have struggled to adapt their own way of working to this strange format that we might have to live with for a number of months to come. In her own words her objective is “to help teachers understand the hybrid model, and to share my favorite tools and best practices that I have picked up in my own experience teaching both in a traditional classroom and online”. We applaud her motives and her contributions to sharing her learnings with others so that hybrid learning is made a little bit easier to manage. Using our software can also make hybrid education a bit easier.