A recent position paper by UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and WFP was published focusing on the importance of investing in the wellbeing of children in order to safeguard education from the impact of COVID-19. While each NGO is clear about the issues and challenges caused by the pandemic there is also a need to take measures to avoid a catastrophe. The report seeks to rethink “how we deliver good quality and inclusive education to the world’s children”. Taking a wider view of education is proposed to consider the concept of education that includes the wellbeing of children, which naturally involves investments in health at school as well as nutrition. While we agree that these fundamentals are a necessary base line globally, we also feel that in those countries that have this, consideration should also be made for higher level protection for children and that of their digital wellbeing. While less visible to the wider world, it can also cause many problems, such as addiction, disrupted sleep patterns and psychological issues. This can be addressed with responsible software that ensures that the concept of Digital Parental Interaction – involving parents in the education of their children – can be a major step forward.