The role of the school head has grown in visibility and also responsibility during the pandemic. They have had to co-ordinate measures to ensure that learning continued during lockdown and while schools were closed as well as ensuring that schools were safe when they reopened. These responsibilities were also on top of the academic results of the school, managing the welfare of teachers, their coordination and focus as well as recruitment, while providing leadership and overall management. All of this has necessitated increased working hours and mostly with no extra pay. According to this OECD article this figurehead is “at the heart of the education system, connecting education authorities, teachers, students and communities” and under considerable pressure. As such it is crucial for education that “school leaders are encouraged, supported and their efforts recognised as they play a crucial role in ensuring learning continues, even at a distance”. Local and national governments, teachers, parents and all staff need to bear this in mind and support the incumbents in this important role.