The Times reported at the end of last week on the UK Government´s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and it came in for particular attack for how schools have been mismanaged. There has been a lack of decision-making as to how to try and address the issues or a plan as to how to move back in September. In particular there were claims that “help would be forthcoming for those families that did not have access to the necessary technology but nothing happened”. In a crisis like this action does need to taken to minimise the effect of remote schooling, which is easier for the haves than the have-nots. Governments need to view the expense in hardware as an investment in the future of children, but equally need to ensure that this is combined with software that can facilitate classroom management and also be equipped with a filter to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content. Escudo Web´s educational solutions fulfil this need cost-effectively with a proven solution used in hundreds of schools.