Microsoft have just published their own report on some of the learnings from the massive remote education experience. Their Teams application has been one of the major beneficiaries of this enforced remote schooling with some 150 million students, and teachers using Microsoft Education products. The conclusions bear out previous posts, in that 61% of the Microsoft Education community said they expected to “begin the next school year in a hybrid learning environment—a mix of remote and in-person learning—and 87% expect to use technology more than before”. For teachers in particular, “maintaining student security and control over the classroom experience is critical”. At Escudo Web we have developed our “All-in-One” solution, called midess, for Microsoft environments which can bring a proven level of security when browsing and easy school management to prevent access to inappropriate material. It also has an innovative Classroom Manager which allows the teacher to manage all the children in the class, independently of whether they are at home or physically at school. Uniquely, at the end of the school day the management of the filter passes to the parent, through our concept of “Digital Parental Interaction” which can also prevent addiction and bring children back from the digital world into family life.