There are not many positives that have come out of the pandemic of the last five months. However, one of them is that teachers are now feeling more confident than ever in the usage of technology in delivering their classes. In the survey, commissioned by Renaissance, 75% said that they expected “that the post-lockdown world will continue to find a role for online or blended learning in education”. This has forced some new skill sets on many teachers, who will go forward better prepared to deliver the foreseen online or hybrid classes predicted for the Autumn term. To the question “name the single biggest factor determining learning achievement during lockdown?” 34% responded “parental input”, and further 25% “teacher feedback”. While the strain of education has been felt by all involved, the experience will have prepared us all for what now seems more than likely a situation. We are doing our part to ensure that children remain safe and that the task of supervising children online is easier during school hours as well as outside of these.