Yesterday, Monday 5th October, was a special day: Teachers Day. After health workers, teachers have been at the forefront of battling against Covid – albeit in a different way. They had been tasked with continuing to ensure that learning took place, even though there were no schools open anywhere, and in many cases the teachers themselves lacked experience or even the right equipment to be able to deliver this. But such is the focus and resilience of this group of key workers that, in spite of challenges, they moved mountains to achieve as much as possible and help to ensure the future of our society. Our sincere thanks must go out to all these professionals. In recognition of their task and an attempt to get more government support Unesco issued a statement recognising the objective “To build a resilient teacher workforce in times of crisis, all teachers should be equipped with digital and pedagogical skills to teach remotely, online, and through blended or hybrid learning, whether in high-, low- or no-tech environments,”. At Escudo Web we fully support the aims of making it one little bit easier to manage a class and ensure that children are protected online from inappropriate content.