Nature has for a long time in most countries not been part of the curriculum of education. Yet some of the most interesting books for children are based on discovering nature. According to this article in The Telegraph it has not come a moment too soon for the UK Government to introduce a GCSE in Natural History which will be a subject to take across the world in British schools.Sadly biodiversity has declined in the last forty years but the pandemic of the last eighteen months and isolation, but the possibility to spend more time in the garden and be with nature – away from other human beings has brought us back to appreciating nature and has certainly been a factor in promoting the recognised qualification about nature. As we gradually exit our homes and adjust to the new normal we are embracing the opportunity to be able to go outside and rediscover our surroundings away from crowds and possible further infections. Let us hope that this focus also inspires young  minds to come up with ideas to help us preserve our planet, prevent global warming and protect the species that inhabit it.

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