The Guardian newspaper recently published an article which highlights the fact that everyone, like it or not, is having to use technology, and in a way forcing a level of digital literacy that perhaps would not have been attained either so fast nor so profoundly had it not been for COVID-19. One of the positive aspects of this situation is that companies have taken a hit on income in return for volume utilisation of their app, so most tools are free for teachers and students. However, as is concluded “The expectation on parents to provide adequate time and technology to educate their children lays bare vast economic divides, and many families may be concerned by the impact of remote schooling on their child’s educational development as well as their ability to focus on their own work”. It is hard enough to have to work from home, but if on top of that you have to be a support teacher as well as police Internet usage all the time, it can place immense stress on normal modes of interaction at home. Fortunately Escudo Web education solutions can enable secure browsing during school hours with a level of filter according to the child’s class age, and, at the end of the day management of the filter level passes to the parent to set accordingly, providing some peace of mind and enabling supervision to be minimal.