Being a parent is a very difficult job, where one has to juggle different demands and take notice of what so-called experts suggest that we should do, or not do, in order to bring up balanced healthy children. This article in The Telegraph outlines some of the facts that we do need to take into account when setting rules. A key one is that “Managing screen-time is up there with sleep when it comes to parenting problems, and not just for kids”. While the last eighteen months have changed many aspects of our lives and how we go about this every day, it is important that the additional leeway that we gave children in order to continue their education, by allowing them carte blanche on screen time comes at a price, “Now is the time to reassess and reassert those boundaries, like switching off digital devices and making time to spend together as a family”. At Escudo Web everything we do is focused on helping protect children online and assisting families to manage device time outside of school. To this end our Classroom Manager software allows parents to manage the filter on their school device, when taken home, and also to freeze the screen and bring them back to the reality of family life, in this way helping to stop tech addiction. Similarly our smartphones, Blabloo and Geniora can be entirely managed by the parent, allowing them to decide what apps can be used by the child when, and be able to freeze the screen of the device as well as turn it off remotely. All of this improves coexistence at home in the 21st century and bring our concept of Digital Parental Interaction to the forefront of educating children in the use of technology.