There are occasionally moments for teachers when they feel that they are losing a class, and things go from bad to worse. This article from TES gives some tips as to how to regain the control of a class. 

  1. Instil order and routine. Use easily accessible materials and give clear instructions.
  2. Keep focused, and communicate your enthusiasm.
  3. Try and build a relationship with students so that they know that you have some humanity.
  4. Use school rules and systems and stick to them.
  5. You are part of a team who will give you support when needed.
  6. Reflect on failures, and learn from these, but also remember successes.

From another perspective the ability to regain digital authority in a class is fundamental to stamping your role as a teacher. Using the Escudo Web All in One classroom manager system gives a teacher the possibility to remotely freeze students´screens, turn off their volume, stop internet access, and much more in order to allow them to regain control and refocus students before moving on. This system is available for Microsoft, Chromebook and Android platform. Ask us for more information.