A recent study by financial institution Lowell, published by Education Technology, has concluded that 60% of teenagers in the UK are struggling with increased anxiety over their school work. In the study 73% of those interviewed confirmed that the current coronavirus crisis had increased their daily worries regarding the state of their education and social life (which has been reduced drastically). With exams in some countries having been cancelled and seeing the decline in the economy and the impact that this will have on their own job prospects, this is understandable. What is of more concern is the fact that “35% of these teenagers are worried about their mental health due to the restrictions put in place for COVID-19”. In part school closures have contributed to this situation, meaning that children are at home longer and probably inadvertently are hearing and seeing discussions around financial issues within their families, adding further to this strain. Schools must be reopened as soon as possible, or this situation will get worse.