Escudo Web Software came into being at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of solving the problems that the introduction of technology was causing in schools. Our goal has always been the same, to create work tools that are easy to use – we have always chosen simplicity over the breadth of features – in short, we design our software to be used by all users regardless of their age or computing skills.

This project began in 2010 within the CEO, Carlos Rueda´s, previous company which was dedicated to the sale of products and the provision of computer services, especially to the education sector. This is how the need to create security and control solutions for students and teachers was first identified. At that time there were only two people dedicated to the project, the CEO and a part-time programmer. Today, the company has five full-time dedicated employees, in addition to two outsourced workers, who provide their services as part of the company’s internationalisation strategy. One of them is an expert in international sales and the other in international legal and tax law.

During these years we have developed several solutions for the sector, and have carried out several important projects within, as well as outside of Spain, some of which we will refer to below.

In 2012, there was a project for the implementation of Escudo Web Educational Suite (combining classroom control, internet filter and Geolocation) in more than 25,000 devices in Castilla la Mancha and Asturias, jointly with the Telco operator Telefónica.

Then in 2013, came the creation of the Weshare children’s tablet, also for Telefónica Learning Services.

2014 marked the creation of Onbook – a secure digital backpack – for Crambo S.A., a technical solutions provider, launched in Spain and Portugal. It is an Android solution, based on integrating our solutions in an Android tablet. Even now it is still an innovative product and highly regarded by the schools that use it. Our company provides training services and software support.

In 2015, we sold our multi-platform parental control system to the government of Extremadura, who named it Conecta Seguro. More than 200,000 families now have the possibility of using this tool free of charge for Debian, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Windows and Android platforms.

That same year, the first version of the Mobile Digital Classroom was implemented in 52 schools in Nicaragua, using the Onbook tablet and an Intel CAP, which is a content server with a 5-hour battery life. There are other components, such as charging cabinets and laptops. The importance of this project is to have a complete digital education pack anywhere in the world without requiring Internet. We baptised this as Learning Everywhere and it was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2017, in the 4Y4N hall.

Currently, this project is being implemented across nearly 800 schools in Nicaragua on some 30,000 tablets and where we have managed and trained over 2,600 teachers.

In 2017 we developed Lugus for Chromebook, again facing a challenge, to adapt to the bursting onto the education scene of Google. Therefore, we decided to develop a complementary product to Google for Education, and therefore not compete with the American company. In fact quite the opposite, become a Google Partner, and in this way simplifying the task of teachers and ICT administrators.

That same year, we signed an agreement with the Edelvives Group, who were recently named as Google’s Global Development Partner, the only company with this title in the world. For them, we created a white label version of Lugus, called iRiS, for sale to their own affiliated schools. The agreement gives them exclusive rights in Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

Today, iRiS has been updated, incorporating the “Digital Parental Interaction” already used by more than 10,000 students and their families.

At the beginning of 2018, we invented “Digital Parental Interaction”, a new concept that is winning ground within the new model of digital coexistence that we are experiencing in society and especially in homes. Traditional parental control has failed because of the complexity and difficulty of this mission. Our new model is born out of the experience of more than 10 years working in schools, with parents, classrooms and direct contact with ICT administrators who help us learn every day.

The proof of the success of “Digital Parental Interaction” is our latest product, which has been highly acclaimed by the international press after its launch at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, phoneKid – their first phone, an intelligent mobile phone with parental interaction, aimed at the youngest members of the family, and which we are currently manufacturing.

In 2019 we launched midess for Windows, designed to help Microsoft in its new strategy for the education sector. With this, we have created a product with the same features as for Chromebook, but using Microsoft Intune. We are a Microsoft AEP, Microsoft Education partner, as well as Microsoft ISV, and Microsoft development partner.

Outside the education sector, we are creators of solutions for other industries.

Since 2018 we have been developing a European platform for transport services contracting called cabitruck, where we are shareholder of the company that owns this, Track Trace S.L. This platform, similar to Uber and Cabify, but applied to the world of freight transport, takes advantage of the return journey of empty trucks en-route throughout Europe, in order to achieve maximum optimisation of resources in the transport sector.

Since 2018 we have been developing the HolaTECH patent. This is a system for product authenticity, sustainability marketing and branding, based on blockchain architecture. We are a shareholding partner of the company that owns this, HolaTECH S.A. This system aims to end product counterfeiting for good and protect companies and brands suffering from multi-million dollar losses.

We are currently reinforcing our international expansion strategy in Asia, South America and Europe. In the near future we will be present at the specialised sector fairs with our own stand and presence: SIMO Education in Madrid, Bett 2020 in London and the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona. Recently we also participated in the CommunicAsia fair, 2019, in Singapore among other events.

After signing the distribution contract for Asia-Pacific with the Indonesian company PT Multitech, the manufacture of phoneKid has begun under their brand Geniora. phoneKid is now selling in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In the following months, it will also be launched in, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Following the signing of a contract with the Swiss company MoviGo GmbH, the manufacture of phoneKid has also begun under the brand name blabloo, for sale in that country and other European markets.

Currently, the details are also being finalised for the signing of a contract with a company in South America, for the manufacture of phoneKid under its own brand. With this next project, selling will commence, initially in Mexico as well as Brazil.

During this period there have been many media and specialised websites, which have collected news about our products and their important contribution to maintaining a secure environment for children, who use technology in their daily lives. But it has been with our product phoneKid, where the repercussions have crossed borders and reached high levels of diffusion. After its launch in the MWC 2018, phoneKid appeared in well over 800 websites around the world, with special relevance in the Asian continent. Also, numerous news and YouTube channels spread the news in several countries in Europe and Asia, including an interview with the BBC.

Escudo Web Software S.L., has four registered trademarks in Europe and other countries such as USA and China, which are Escudo Web, midess, Lugus and phoneKid. Additionally, several products such as Learning Everywhere, mobile business, MDM for Android and others.

It has also registered the intellectual property of two programmes integrated into the solutions for education: “Modes of use” and “Please Listen”.

Escudo Web Software S.L. has also been involved in the creation of several brands and products for third parties, which are marketed as white label, and are the result of our specialisation and capacity for innovation in the development of technological solutions. Some examples are: Weshare, Conecta Seguro, Onbook, iRiS, Geniora and blabloo in the fields of education and family-focused offerings.

Others, for the logistics, marketing or product security sectors, or based on blockchain technology, such as: cabitruck, Scan2Know and HolaTECH.

Registered trademarks (owned) as well as products developed for third parties: