There is still a lot of discussion over the usage of masks at school, especially at pre-school and elementary-school level. This article from the NY Times discusses how those opposed to wearing masks “have expressed concern that wearing masks will impair children’s ability to learn language and socialize”. But the fact is, backed up by new research, apart from being inconvenient and uncomfortable to use “there is good reason to believe that wearing a mask at school could actually improve certain social and cognitive skills, helping to strengthen abilities like self-control and attention”, as their usage offers different opportunities for learning and personal growth. Additionally children are learning at an earlier age about transmissible illnesses and how to contain the spread of these. This might well help the current generation avoid similar viruses or prevent the massive spread of these in the future, which can only be positive. But in order for some positives to come out of this sacrifice and chore, parents, teachers and society in general need to engage with children and explain the concept of mask wearing clearly and in terms of their contribution to the protection of others.     

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