While all sectors in the economy have been affected by the pandemic one is taking prominence at the moment – Education –  due to its symbolism of some kind normality, as well as the fact that schools have been closed for so long and affected progress for millions of children. This McKinsey article admits that “there is no common template for determining whether to educate students remotely, bring them back into the classroom, or create a hybrid model that combines both”. Some countries are doing everything to open schools (UK, US, Netherlands, Spain etc.), while others (Indonesia, Philippines and others) are not planning a return till 2021. The piece goes on to conclude that “Remote learning is especially tough on students who also have to deal with challenges such as learning disabilities, economic hardship, or unstable home environments”. This added complexity makes it imperative for educational leaders to find a balance that aids those most in need, but can also encompass those more gifted and better-off learners. With an average loss from last term of the equivalent of 3-4 months of learning a way forward must be found very soon. This might involve some experimentation but best practice must also be shared.