As an alternative to state schools – many of which are still closed due to high levels of infections with Covid – a relatively new form, Charter schools, which originated in 1974, are thriving. These are schools that are publicly funded but operated by independent groups, meaning that they don’t have to follow the same regulations set by states, municipalities and school districts. In this Economist article the case is shared of Success Academies, a network of charter schools which placed its 20,000 pupils in remote learning and have remained so, very successfully, setting an example that state managed schools are wanting to follow. Taking a regimented approach to classes has proved valuable but requires children to start classes punctually and wearing their uniform. As a conditioner of behaviour if a child is not in front of their device when class starts at 09.00h, parents receive a phone call…While strict, a report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute (an education think-tank)  wrote that they had earned a “striking success in the face of the viral challenge,”. There are many attempts to keep learning online as effective as possible. This one seems to work.