The focus and importance being given to education over the last ten months is changing in many parts of the world, which has to be a good thing for recognising the importance of creating a literate, civil society. In a survey last month carried out by Italian newspaper IlSole24Ore, over 50% of respondents to the question “what are the investment priorities to let Italy recover?”, answered “research and education”. The EdTechnology article goes on to say that “COVID-19 has proven to be a great technological accelerator, a big opportunity for the industry to change and for us to plan tomorrow’s education”. A number of leading European universities are trying to find a balance between online and presencial learning, ensuring at the end of the day that needs for advancement are met but that safety measures when required are also respected. A huge task to get right but an important one that might have some valid conclusions for education in general around the world. Let’s hope that other countries around the world similarly conclude the role of education, as expounded by UNESCO, and that steps are taken to ensure it is effective and that tools are given to those who most need these.